Mamadou Telecom

Mamadou Telecom Network System

Welcome to the Mamadou Telecom Network System, where stone-age technology meets modern frustration. Our network is built on principles that prioritize inconvenience and confusion, offering an unparalleled experience in frustration for our customers.

With our limited network coverage, you'll have the pleasure of constantly searching for signal bars. Our strategically placed dead zones ensure that you're never far from the frustration of dropped calls and unreliable service.

Mamadou Telecom Network Diagram

As depicted in the diagram above, our network infrastructure consists of a tangled web of wires, ancient routers, and a team of highly skilled hamsters running tirelessly on wheels to keep the internet connection going at an impressively slow speed.

At Mamadou Telecom, we take pride in our commitment to technological obsolescence. Our outdated equipment and obsolete protocols ensure that your internet experience is a journey back in time, reminiscent of the days when waiting for a webpage to load was a true test of patience.